MS Gundam Extreme VS new DLC Tomorrow 1/26

Ah, good, the new DLC will be released tomorrow for Gundam Vs. Extreme.

This will include:

Freedom Gundam


Hi-Nu Gundam (For those who didn’t get the code included in the game.  I did, so I already have the Hi-Nu.)

I’m looking forward the the Freedom.  Say what you will about Seed and its Characters, I do like the designs of the series and I’ve always liked the Freedom (much more than the Strike Freedom, which seems like a Hi-Nu rehash).

I’ll probably get the Zeong at some point too, but I’m hoping we’ll see a few more DLC units released.




New Look – New Sister Site Launched

Hey Gang,

New look for my blogs this week.

Also, I know lately a lot of my Transformer collection stuff has started to creep into the blog.  I don’t like that much, so I’ve launched a sister site – – so I’ll keep any Transformer stuff there.
Priming the RGM-79 this weekend, but woo doggies, I have to get me some paint!


Current Projects – Gundam…and Transformers

So I’ve got two projects going on right now:

First – the MG 1/100 RGM 79 GM

I’m not going to be doing anything too special with the GM – its going to be part of my 3 MS, 0081 GM diorama (or display) – no color changes or anything like that, just my usual detailing parts.

Now, while I’m slow to get really underway on the GM, I’m currently working on a much easier, unrelated Transformers project.

Before KO Toys went out of business (DANG YOU HAS/TAK!!!) – I was able to pick up the DIY Sideswipe kit, which is a not assembled Classics/Universe Sideswipe, available in various colors.  I picked up Black.   The pieces come sort of scrambled and its up to the buy to be able to assemble the figure correctly, but luckily, I have both Red Alert (a Sideswipe Redeco) and SunStreaker who uses an identical mold.

So I’ll have to paint the parts I need colored.  I’m going to hand paint things because, 1.) I’m lazy, and 2.) this isn’t a gunpla and so I’m not going to put the effort into it like I would a Gunpla kit.

But I’m going to make the figure into the Stunticon, Wildrider!

For those of you who don’t know much about the G1/Classics universe of Transformers,  The Stunticons were a team of four cars and a semi (Wild Rider, Breakdown, Deadend, Dragstrip and Motomaster) who could combine into a Gesalt Robot: Menasor.  I had the original G1 figured back when I was a kid, and seems the DIY SideSwipe kit came with the Resculpted Breakdown head from Botcon 2010 – I’m going to make a pretty cool Wildrider with it (Seems I have a Breakdown, who’s white and thus, not ideal for this kit).


So that, plus Skyrim on PS3 are my current projects (and DC Universe Online and Gundam Vs Extreme….)


NEW MS Gundam Extreme Vs DLC Coming


But “Meh”…I say.   MEH.


The O and Katajina’s custom whatever it’s called (I never bothered to learn the names of the V Gundam MS…)


Bleh.   After starting with the BD-1, this is kind of a let down, but I’m guessing they’re going to keep the DLC coming for a bit, so that’s good.  I’m hoping we’ll get:

Gundam Mk II (AEUG and Titans)

G3 Gundam (with Sayla Mass?)

Gundam Nataku or Sandrock

Gundam Leopard

Impulse Gundam