NEW MS Gundam Extreme Vs DLC Coming


But “Meh”…I say.   MEH.


The O and Katajina’s custom whatever it’s called (I never bothered to learn the names of the V Gundam MS…)


Bleh.   After starting with the BD-1, this is kind of a let down, but I’m guessing they’re going to keep the DLC coming for a bit, so that’s good.  I’m hoping we’ll get:

Gundam Mk II (AEUG and Titans)

G3 Gundam (with Sayla Mass?)

Gundam Nataku or Sandrock

Gundam Leopard

Impulse Gundam





5 responses to “NEW MS Gundam Extreme Vs DLC Coming

  1. Ah those two along with BD-1 and Arche were forementioned in a Famitsu magazine beforehand. Another one that is definitely confirmed to be released as DLC is Freedom.

    DLC has somewhat worried me these days. I just saw that in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Having DLCs announced even before a game is released is questionable already (IMHO), but the price can add up to a big portion as well. As for Assault Horizon if I am to buy all playable aircrafts (skins and skills ala perks excluded) and maps announced *so far* that is already half of the game’s retail price, and with all included that is more expensive than the game itself. What irks me a lot is that a lot of those DLC playable aircrafts were old timers in the series’ roster list.

    Even singleplayer only JRPGs are getting DLCs as well (mostly in the form of skins). It appears as if this is the path that publishers are going for these days. I personally don’t like this approach, where it feels as if you are only buying part of a game rather than a full one. I still hesistate on buying them from either games so far. At least in Extreme Vs you get to have Extra Trial Mode missions where you can play against them and have a feel of them before deciding whether you want to use them or not.

  2. I agree to an extent Q. I think you’re absolutely right, lately it seems like Game Developers are using DLC to shrug off completing a project in its entirety because they know they can offer the additional content as DLC and get away with it.

    However, I think the concept of DLC is fantastic. One issue I have with games is longevity. It seems like over the years, games have gotten utterly short and average a 12 hour content for even the bigger games (i.e. Fable…). I want a game to last me a LONG time and I think DLC is one way to go about that, as long as its legit DLC. 0081, for example, seems to have legit DLC. The additional MS were released a while after the game came out, there was a LARGE selection of them and they still needed to be bought, once you downloaded them. So you still needed to work for them. That is how I would like DLC to work.

    On the old VS games, like Renpou vs. ZAFT, you had to beat the game in arcade mode to unlock so more units, I was hoping for this on Extreme, but I guess not.

  3. @yomo, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it. I think the DLC has come to an end for this version of the game, mostly because of the release of the “Plus” version on PSVita.

    Seems the Deathsythe uses the Sandrock as its “assist” I don’t think they intended to use it, which is unfortunate, because I would have loved to use SR!

  4. @aptkane, Oh thats not cool, weren’t the game released not to long ago? sounds like they’ve done a poor job with the whole ‘DLC’ content as far as am concerned. I really wanted sandrock custom as its pretty obvious his my favourite mobile suit, but FINGERS crossed they might just come around to doing it!

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