Current Projects – Gundam…and Transformers

So I’ve got two projects going on right now:

First – the MG 1/100 RGM 79 GM

I’m not going to be doing anything too special with the GM – its going to be part of my 3 MS, 0081 GM diorama (or display) – no color changes or anything like that, just my usual detailing parts.

Now, while I’m slow to get really underway on the GM, I’m currently working on a much easier, unrelated Transformers project.

Before KO Toys went out of business (DANG YOU HAS/TAK!!!) – I was able to pick up the DIY Sideswipe kit, which is a not assembled Classics/Universe Sideswipe, available in various colors.  I picked up Black.   The pieces come sort of scrambled and its up to the buy to be able to assemble the figure correctly, but luckily, I have both Red Alert (a Sideswipe Redeco) and SunStreaker who uses an identical mold.

So I’ll have to paint the parts I need colored.  I’m going to hand paint things because, 1.) I’m lazy, and 2.) this isn’t a gunpla and so I’m not going to put the effort into it like I would a Gunpla kit.

But I’m going to make the figure into the Stunticon, Wildrider!

For those of you who don’t know much about the G1/Classics universe of Transformers,  The Stunticons were a team of four cars and a semi (Wild Rider, Breakdown, Deadend, Dragstrip and Motomaster) who could combine into a Gesalt Robot: Menasor.  I had the original G1 figured back when I was a kid, and seems the DIY SideSwipe kit came with the Resculpted Breakdown head from Botcon 2010 – I’m going to make a pretty cool Wildrider with it (Seems I have a Breakdown, who’s white and thus, not ideal for this kit).


So that, plus Skyrim on PS3 are my current projects (and DC Universe Online and Gundam Vs Extreme….)



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