Holy Cow, its April!

Whoops.  Apparently I took some more time off without realizing it.

Things have been sort of chaotic for me the last 6 months or so.  Nothing too crazy, but I’ve been busy with work and family and havne’t had a lot of time for working on Gunpla models.

In fact, I haven’t even tried using my new air compressor I bought a while back!
But that’s going to change.  I’m going to be making a big  push to get motivated.  I’ve got the MG RGM-79 to prime and get working on, as well as the other GM units I need to finish.  I need to learn to balance my Gundam and Transformers interests better so they don’t dominate the other for stretches of time.

But we’re getting a kitten soon and I need to figure out how to set up my airbrush in my office as it will be her room as well and I don’t want to have her dealing with all that.

So…..long story short – Korewa Gundam will be more active soon, but there’s a lot to do still around the house!

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