Hiatus and the such

Well, seems I basically forfeited my work shop to our new kitten, I’ve been unable to work on any Gundam projects for a while.

I still have a ton of projects in the hopper, but right now, I have no room to work so I’ve been on Hiatus.

I have, of course, been steadily working on my Transformers collection, but that requires no work space, just shelf space.

I’m also working on clearing off some shelves and have thrown a few things onto eBay.  One item is my GFF FAZZ figure, up for purchase here.

I know it says no international shipping, but I can always make exceptions if necessary.

I will also be selling off my Nintendo 3DS with a copy of SD Gundam 3D as well and will post it here when its up if anyone’s interested.

I’m going to still try and stay active in the community as best I can, but I do apologize that I’ve been out of the circle for a while.  Life happens as they say.



Ebay stuff here.

3DS here.

4 responses to “Hiatus and the such

  1. Never really was one – but things changed. She’s no hassle at all, but I need to be able to provide he with her own space, so I let her have my office/work area for now. When she gets older, it’ll be easier for me to work on projects.

  2. Looking after someone or something sure requires a lot of heart and effort. Despite that you are occupied, hope you have a good time with the kitten though!

    At least it’s good to know that you’re still around! Take your time, and hope things will get smoother for you soon!

  3. Thanks Q – and you know, I’m still quite active with my other hobby over at paxcybertron.wordpress.com – feel free to check that out. Transformers are a little less “involved” than Gundam Models.

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