SD Gundam: Operations

If anyone is looking for a fun Gundam game to play online I highly suggest checking out SD Gundam: Operations:

Its a free to play (Japan,obviously) browser game.  All you need is a Yahoo Japan email address, which is easy enough to create.  You can create one by going here – clicking on the mail icon near the middle of the page. It helps to have a basic understanding of Japanese, but you can certainly work your way through it.
The game is a fun mixture of strategy, customizable card game and “gatchapon” collection.  You just need a mouse to play and the battle interface is similar to most SD Gundam games.

There’s a great tutorial to walk you through the basics.


If anyone needs a guide to setting up an account, let me know, I can work on one.
Careful, it’s addicting!




SD Gundam G Generation 3DS

Hey all,
If anyone needs a copy of SD Gundam G Gen 3DS for the Japanese 3DS (only) – let me know, I have a copy that won’t sell on eBay for some reason.

Its practically new in case, with instructions and all that.


I’m thinking of picking up the RG Gundam Mk II so if I do, I’ll post on that once I get it in.