SD Gundam: Operations

If anyone is looking for a fun Gundam game to play online I highly suggest checking out SD Gundam: Operations:

Its a free to play (Japan,obviously) browser game.  All you need is a Yahoo Japan email address, which is easy enough to create.  You can create one by going here – clicking on the mail icon near the middle of the page. It helps to have a basic understanding of Japanese, but you can certainly work your way through it.
The game is a fun mixture of strategy, customizable card game and “gatchapon” collection.  You just need a mouse to play and the battle interface is similar to most SD Gundam games.

There’s a great tutorial to walk you through the basics.


If anyone needs a guide to setting up an account, let me know, I can work on one.
Careful, it’s addicting!



SD Gundam G Generation 3DS

Hey all,
If anyone needs a copy of SD Gundam G Gen 3DS for the Japanese 3DS (only) – let me know, I have a copy that won’t sell on eBay for some reason.

Its practically new in case, with instructions and all that.


I’m thinking of picking up the RG Gundam Mk II so if I do, I’ll post on that once I get it in.

Hiatus and the such

Well, seems I basically forfeited my work shop to our new kitten, I’ve been unable to work on any Gundam projects for a while.

I still have a ton of projects in the hopper, but right now, I have no room to work so I’ve been on Hiatus.

I have, of course, been steadily working on my Transformers collection, but that requires no work space, just shelf space.

I’m also working on clearing off some shelves and have thrown a few things onto eBay.  One item is my GFF FAZZ figure, up for purchase here.

I know it says no international shipping, but I can always make exceptions if necessary.

I will also be selling off my Nintendo 3DS with a copy of SD Gundam 3D as well and will post it here when its up if anyone’s interested.

I’m going to still try and stay active in the community as best I can, but I do apologize that I’ve been out of the circle for a while.  Life happens as they say.



Ebay stuff here.

3DS here.

Holy Cow, its April!

Whoops.  Apparently I took some more time off without realizing it.

Things have been sort of chaotic for me the last 6 months or so.  Nothing too crazy, but I’ve been busy with work and family and havne’t had a lot of time for working on Gunpla models.

In fact, I haven’t even tried using my new air compressor I bought a while back!
But that’s going to change.  I’m going to be making a big  push to get motivated.  I’ve got the MG RGM-79 to prime and get working on, as well as the other GM units I need to finish.  I need to learn to balance my Gundam and Transformers interests better so they don’t dominate the other for stretches of time.

But we’re getting a kitten soon and I need to figure out how to set up my airbrush in my office as it will be her room as well and I don’t want to have her dealing with all that.

So…..long story short – Korewa Gundam will be more active soon, but there’s a lot to do still around the house!