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I can’t believe it took me this long to review this game, but today, I’m going to review

SD Gundam: G Generation Spirits for the PS2


For those of you who’ve played the old PS1 SD Gundam Games, Spirits recalls those glory days by returning to 2D/Pseudo-3D animations.   G Generation Neo, which was PS2’s debut G Generation game, contained all 3D battle animations, which I like, but it is nice to go back to the old scheme as well.

G Generation Spirits also returns to the “Select a Series” chronological path of game play.  Basically, each series is separate, and broken down in to various stages, with the longer series, such as MSG getting 6 stages, and shorter ones, like Hathaway’s Flash only getting 2.    This tends to abridge the story lines a bit, but you get to play the main, most important parts of the story, which is nice. 

Spirits adds a few new tricks to the battle animation and gameplay.  One of the neater elements is the scale sizing of all units.  Mobile Suits have a size rating of Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and then there are 2L and 4L units.  The Deep Striker for instance, is  4L unit, so you can fit it in a battle ship, but it needs to have four spaces available in the hanger and that’s all you get.  Also, the ships are full size, which makes for a much cooler battle field appearance when  you see both MS and Ships together. 

Some pilots also have cut-in scenes when initiatina an attack with allies.  Amuro for example, get’s this cut-in when he attacks using any RX-78 unit (and I think the RX-77&5 as well).  Its a nice change of pace during particularily lenghthy battles, and its always fun to see inside the cockpit!amuro

The battle animations themselves are revamped with very nice, cell shaded graphics.  Here we see the GP01fb Dashing in for a close range Beam Saber attack!



Bandai constricted this game to only Universal Centry, so no W, X, Seed, etc are included.  Kind of a shame, but on the other hand, there is just about every unit imaginable from any series in the game, so that’s a nice bonus.  I just got the Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth last night.  The things a monster!  It’s special ability list includes: I Field (Negates beam 1&2) – Beam Coating (1/2 damage from Beam 1) – Beam Shield (Negates Beam 1 if blocking) – and Full Armor (All damage reduced by 50%)!  Awesome Sauce!

You can also rename any Original Character.  I always name the same guy after myself in each SD Gundam Game so he becomes my G Generation Avatar!

Of course, as with any G Generation game, there are down sides.  You need to remember to save on a frequent basis because various elements cause an instant defeat.  For example, I played through most of the battle of A Bao A Qu last night, and about 18 turns in, I realized I forgot to save any of my progress just as Char defeated Amuro in the Gundam, causeing “Game Over”. 


That’s all for now.  Check out SD Gundam G Generation: Spirits if you get the chance, its truly a great game and any Gundam fan will love it!


Until Next Time,

Jaa ne~


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