Non-Gundam Stuff


There are few other things in this world that I get as excited about as Gundam but one of them, is the Video Game franchise, Monster Hunter.  I’ve played nearly every iteration but Frontier for the PC (restricted to Japan users) – my current game is Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G for PSP. 

Today, I came across this video and nearly fell over. 

I’ve been out of the Monster Hunter Loop for a while and nearly forgot about this title.  It is, the very sole reason I will be getting a Nintendo Wii.  But don’t tell my Fiancee that, ’cause as far as she knows, I’m getting it for the “Wii Fit” game.  Hah.



2 responses to “Non-Gundam Stuff

  1. I have a good friend of mine who’s really into MHP series; he would be happy to spend a whole day on it while I built his MG Strike Noir for him (lol…).

    Going underwater will bring the game to a new depth and perspective. They’ll keep breathing like normal on the ground I guess? New monsters look impressive as always. My friend will be happy to know about it, but I’m not sure whether he’s williing to buy a Wii just for this.

  2. I’m not sure Q, perhaps Stamina will be replaced by Air underwater, but yeah, I think think it’ll be a great change!

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