S Gundam Update 1

Finished the Head of the S Gundam this weekend.  I think it turned out just great.


I wanted to do something special for the Incom unit.  I drilled out the barrels of the unit, using a simple hand drill.


Then, I clipped three small pieces of brass tubing.  I managed to match the drill bit to the exact diameter of the tube.


I wish the decals included an INCOM decal, but unfortunately, Bandai seemed to have missed it.


I’m still working out the autofocus on my camera, but at least I figured out the Macro function.  Here you can see the brass tubing for the barrels.


Here’s a better shot of the “Bust”.   I ended up going with gold for the collar and upper cockpit section.  I wanted to mix a yellow/orange, but it turned out too “peachy”, so I ended up staying with gold.


And one final (blurry) shot of the whole head.

I’ve started the back tonight as well, I’ll update more this week, so stay tuned!



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