About Korewa Gundam

Through the years, I’ve grown older, maybe a bit more grey around the edges…you know the drill.
From the start of my memories, I’ve had a lot of different interests. At an early age, I was all about Legos. Who wasn’t? They were, for all intensive purposes, the best toy ever (and still are!)

After a while, and a little more TV, I was introduced to the staple American 80’s cartoons. Thunder Cats, Voltron, GI Joe, etc… They became my new interests one after another. I had, after all, every single TMNT Toy produced (Even the coveted Splinter!).

But I would eventually lose interest…one after another. Near the end of Middle-School however, I was introduced to something that, until then had been entirely unknown to me:

Mobile Suit Gundam.

From that moment on, my life legitimately changed. Not in some obtuse, obvious way, but in the way my interests became focused. For the next 15 years, the Mobile Suit Gundam Universe became a consistency in my life when all else was changing.

This blog (if you want to call it that) is going to be my homage to this magnificent piece of Japanese culture. I owe Gundam a lot, it prompted me to learn Japanese, study Japan’s history, and even obtain a major in Asian Studies. Hopefully, if this can introduce Gundam to even one person, I’ll be satisfied.

There will be Model Kit reviews, book reviews, video game reviews and anything else Gundam that I can share with the readers.

Cheers to you, Kido Senshi Gundam –

7 responses to “About Korewa Gundam

  1. Yo, I’m Adit from Indonesia, I’ve been a gundam fan for around 2 years, since I’ve played gundam vs zeta gundam. I like gundam a lot and I have a gundam poster which I copied from the Newtype magazine. I like to make gundam poster. Bye.

  2. Hi Andrew, thx for the link add.
    I’ll link you back, hopefully tomorrow I can work on your banner.

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