Double X WSIP

It’s been a hectic few weeks –

I’m starting up my own business, which is taking a lot out of me, especially since I’m completely, and utterly broke.  But things are starting to take off a bit, so hopefully this is just a temporary situation.

But amidst the chaos, I’ve continued to work on the DX.  I have to admit, despite the kit being complete garbage, I’m having a blast working on it, and figuring how to make adjustments and the such.  Again, the Double X is one of my all time favorite Gundams, so perhaps that’s helping, but still.  Here are a few pics to show just how far I’ve gotten –


IMG_0366Obviously I have a ways to go still, but its really shaping up to be quite nice.

Until next time –


Double X Status

Well, for as harsh on myself as I was for what I considered a terrible mod, I think the arms have turned out quite alright:


The RX-79 elbow joints really fit quite nicely.



Its time for some advice.  Guys, really, if you every think its a good idea to save a few bucks on a knock-off Chinese version of a BanDai kit, don’t.  This model has so many unforgivable flaws its ridiculous.  I’m spending nearly half my time correcting obvious flaws in the mold.  For instance, take a look at how “well” the head fits together:


This will be a matter of simply cutting out the pegs and gluing the thing together.  But still, the guy with the mold press went a bit too fast.

For that matter, the parts that are supposed to be clear green, like say, oh, the CHEST PANELS were molded in white.  *Sigh*….

Well, I’ll keep you all posted, I’m going to do my damnedest to get this thing looking as sharp as the reference kit.

Jaa ne~

A call for help

Hey guys,

Check this out.   This modeler is amazing, and I’m trying to produce my Double X as close as possible to this, but here’s where I need help.

Look at those elbow joints.  Those are NOT HG joints.  Neither are the shoulder joints.

Does anyone have ANY information on how to do this stuff?  I’ve used Wave Option parts in the past, but they don’t really cut it.  I can’t seem to find any tutorials on the internet on how to do this kind of joint replacement, so if anyone knows anything that would be of use, can you let me know?

Thanks guys –

Gundam Double X Project

dXOkay, so this is just the SD version..but still awesome.

First, let me just state for the record, Gundam X has a pretty special place in my heart.  0083 was the first actual anime of Gundam I watched, but I had the English Dubbed (Bleh) VHS tapes.  Meh.  Gundam X was the first complete DVD set, In Japanese that I ever owned, and to date I’ve watched it through probably 10 times.  Sure the story gets a little cloudy during the second half, but I still love the series and I feel it gets a bum rap just because it was aired at 6am in Japan when it was released.

More importantly, my very first Gunpla kit ever built was the 1/144 scale Gundam Leopard (followed, the very next day, after a lot of begging to my parents, by the 1/144 scale Leopard Destroy).  So again, Gundam X has, as I said, a very special place in my heart.

That being said, I can still remember the first time I saw the Double X in the show.  After a few episodes of anticipation as to why Garrod and Tifa spotted the satellite laser appear across the ocean, the Double X is exposed and I remember my jaw dropped.  It was, as my buddy Chris gives me so much crap for saying, A Magnificent Machine.  I couldn’t see enough of it in action.  The Black and white color scheme, the double satellite cannons, I was hooked.  And to this day, the Double X ranks in my top three favorite Gundams.

So, I’m going to focus all my efforts and skill on my 1/100 scale HG Gundam Double X kit.  I have the decals from Samuel Decal – which will add just that much more greatness to the mobile suit, and I’m going to incorporate every skill in Gunpla Modeling I know for this one.  I’ll keep you posted –


Color Fail…


IMG_0358So after a week on vacation, I get home and try working on re-painting the Blue Destiny….only to totally fail completely with my choice of blue for the body.  Plus everything seems so “glossy” which I don’t understand seems all my paints are matte.
Anywho, the point is, this thing is an abomination. And naturally, I used up all my paint trying to get the right color mixed so now I’m stuck without some extra Money to go to the hobby store.  Sorry Blue, you’ll be sitting out for a while.

If anything though, this just convinced me to completely rework the whole thing from top to bottom.  I’ll just re-paint everything from scratch.  *sigh*…this has become quite a project.

In the meantime, I’ll be starting the Double X instead.  Or the Albion.  I’m not sure.