Chirstmas 2008 – Jackpot!

Well gang, Christmas has come and gone, I still can’t believe it went so fast!  I’ve been away and not able to post much the last few weeks.  My fiancee returned home from Japan (finally!) and we’ve been in and out of the place going to parties and gatherings, so I’ve had little time for the site.

Speaking of my Fiancee…man, she sure knows the way to my heart!  Here’s a shot of the presents she had for me for Christmas!



Awesome!  two HCM Pros – The Exia and Freedom, Gundam Vs. Gundam for PSP, FG Gundam (1/144 scale) and a MG Char’s Custom Gundam!  Radical!


Here’s a sideways view…sorry about that, flipping the image in Picasa must not have saved.  Oh well.  Gundam vs. Gundam is amazing!  So many series to choose from and FINALLY I get the Gundam X to pilot!  I love it!

The HCM Pro Gundam Exia marks my first Foree into the OO Gundam Universe.  Oh…wait…its in Gundam Vs. Gundam too – AWESOME.  I don’t really like the series too much but I do like the Exia and OO Gundams.  The HCM Pro Exia is a magnificent little Gundam and it even came with a special stand.  I have it full loaded with every sword, and the GN Sword even tucks away to reveal the GN Rifle.


Here’s the First Grade Gundam.  It’s interesting to say the least.  It has only about 18 parts to assemble, but it molded entirely in mint-green.  I guess he’ll require quite a bit of painting to look right, but that’s just fine by me because….

Gundam - The Red Comet?

Gundam - The Red Comet?

I will NOT be painting this guy.  My usual painting techniques will be ditched this time for a simple detail and construct program.  The plastic is molded in nice shades of light red and burgundy and quite frankly, I want to try out top coat and this is the perfect excuse.  I’ll have more updates under my MG section once I start.  I’m still working on the S of course and will have an update this week.

Finally, there’s the HCM Pro Freedom.  I can now re-create the famous “Clash of the Titans” picture with my HCM Pros.  Here’s my first attempt~



Until next time, Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading!


Decals for MG Strike Gundam!

strike-decalsLooks like I’ll get a post in after all –

My decal set for MG Strike Gundam came today, much faster than anticipated, which doesn’t mean much seems the Strike is about 3rd in line on my “to-do” list.  Never the less, I’m very happy. 

I for one, love the waterslide decals.  I can not STAND the stickers that are included with Bandai’s kits.  They either 1.) Crumple when I try to take them off the sheet with the knife 2.) don’t fit the area I am placing them (See the X1’s Thrusters and the red “v” decal or 3.) I inadvertently apply the sticker with primer dust on my fingers leaving a blatant outline.

Dry transfers don’t seem to work for me too well either, and with Dry Transfers, you’re screwed if they are applied wrong.

But not Waterslides.  Waterslides leave no visible outline (especially when combined with Mr. Mark Setter!), slide off their sheet after about 1.5 mins in the water, and then let you reposition them all you want until you get it just right.  And if you decide they don’t look so great, then just apply some water, get it under the decal a bit and they come right off!

Plus the Strike Set comes with that awesome Phase Shift decal that I really would like to have look nice on the strike.



Until next time  –


No posts this week?

Hey gang,

I didn’t get to post anything this week.  Its been a little nutty around here with work, and what not.  Plus I got a DVD box set of one of my favorite shows on Monday, a new sword in Monster Hunter on Wednesday and a version of the Arcade game TMNT: Turtles in Time (a very favorite from when I was a little kid) –

I’ll post an update on the S Gundam this weekend.  I’m starting on the leg armor panels, so once those are done, it’ll be on to the core fighter, then the thrusters and weapons, then he’ll be just about done.

My fiancee is returning home from Japan on the 19th as well and will be home for good, so I have that to look forward too, but the house needs cleaning or I’ll get yelled at.

Until then –

Kicking Shell!

Kicking Shell!