No, I’m not switching themes, but I have been picking up quite a few Transformers lately.

I got this loot today, including Masterpiece Grimlock (US version), challenge at Cybertron, which comes with Universe Cyclonus and Hotrod (Rodimus), and Generations Megatron, who hails from the WR For Cybertron game on PS3/Xbox.   Pretty awesome!  Plus I picked up Star Wars on Blu-ray (original trilogy), so all in all, a good day.

Im slowly working on pinning the massive 1/60 resin NT-1 kit, but Monster Hunter P3rd on PS3 has been distracting me a bit as well


Down Time

Hey everyone –

I haven’t burned out or anything, but I’ve haven’t really worked on any Gunpla projects for a week or two now, I was really just focusing on work.

During this time though, I went on a bit of a Transformers Kick.  In terms of “robots” for me, it goes: Gundam -1 st place, Transformers, 2nd – everything else.

I picked up Generations Kup, Wheeljack, Tracks and Thundercracker, as well as World’s Smallest Transformers Grimlock and G1 Onslaught (from ebay).

I’ll be resuming work on the Alex and Hi-M TTT GM Kai next week, so stay tuned.


Matta ne~