Down Time

Hey everyone –

I haven’t burned out or anything, but I’ve haven’t really worked on any Gunpla projects for a week or two now, I was really just focusing on work.

During this time though, I went on a bit of a Transformers Kick.  In terms of “robots” for me, it goes: Gundam -1 st place, Transformers, 2nd – everything else.

I picked up Generations Kup, Wheeljack, Tracks and Thundercracker, as well as World’s Smallest Transformers Grimlock and G1 Onslaught (from ebay).

I’ll be resuming work on the Alex and Hi-M TTT GM Kai next week, so stay tuned.


Matta ne~


One response to “Down Time

  1. we will definitely need a break from model kits,
    that’s how I bought my first revoltech 😀

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