Hobby Wave = Awesome

For my US readers, make sure you visit Hobby Wave at some point.  They are for all intesive purposes, the Hobby Link Japan for the US.  For the readers in Asia, your shipping time would be much quick with HLJ but for me, it still takes nearly 2 weeks or so, where Hobby Wave only takes about 5 days at most. 

I also like Hobby Wave’s “Credit” system.  For every purchase, you earn credit points to be used for future purchases, plus they also email coupons every once in a while. 

I just ordered some decal sets for the S and Strike Gundams, and a few new Gundam Markers (Gold and Eraser!)  – so I’m pretty excited. 

I love using decals now.  They seem to work so much better than stickers or even dry transfers.  I wish I would have ordered the S Gundam set earlier, but oh well.

I’ll update more on the S this week.  I’m currently working on the stabilizer in the back so its been a long project –




One response to “Hobby Wave = Awesome

  1. My dad book-marked this website for me and I had been reading through it for the past several hrs. This is really going to help me and my friends for our class project. Anyhow, I enjoy the way you write.

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